Posts/Corner Poles Protector & Corner Flag Bundle
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6. Posts/Corner Poles Protector & Corner Flag Bundle

An exclusive advertisement on the 2nd or 3rd XV Post Protectors, Corner Poles and Corner Flags including your company name and logo. Includes production of protectors in the first year.
(Artwork to be supplied to specification or we can provide at an extra cost.)

• A great way to raise the profile of the company via pitch post protectors for every 1st XV home match showing company logo/website on each of the 4 protectors, or even a different logo/website on each.
• Company's logo on the corner pole protectors/flags and half-way flags on the 2nd and 3rd XV pitch.
• Listed in all 1st XV home match programmes.
• Listed on sponsors page on the website and link to company's website.
• £1,500 over a three year deal (£600 in year 1 and £450 in years 2 and 3)